Path to Healing

Let's find your path to healing

Humans are born with an innate ability to heal themselves, and yet a lot of us have forgotten or never learned how to find that part of ourselves. Healing takes place on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I believe everyone can find a path, or many paths, to that place in themselves where healing occurs.

Energy/Reiki is one path that I am passionate about. It's a gentle, intelligent energy that can help you remember... and find your way. I believe the energy comes from God/Source, and I personally call on Christ and His team and invite you to call on your team as well.

Qigong is another method of clearing blockages from every day life and emotions that can cause dis-ease, before they start and to facilitate healing from the inside out. Qi = energy gong= work, generally speaking. So, that means I can work with my own energy doing qigong exercises and work with your energy, balancing and clearing channels.

Let me show you how safe it can feel to be IN your body again. That is where the healing happens.

"Qigong is a gentle form of meditative exercise, where you get to cultivate your own Qi or energy. By cultivating our energy we will be happier and healthier. When we have an abundance of energy something wonderful happens. We feel energized and yet very peaceful and calm."

Kevin Thoren